Which room is yours?

Pick your room when you stay at the Yaberg Affären. There are three rooms to choose from. All are equipped with comfy beds, seating areas and generous wardrobes. Two of the rooms also have a desk / dressing table. In the largest room there is room for an extra bed.

The three rooms share two shower rooms outside in the corridor outside the rooms and two toilets (one downstairs and one upstairs). It is sometimes possible to book one of the smaller rooms and get private access to one of the shower rooms.

Since most of our guests are looking for a quiet and restful place when they visit us, we have set an age limit of 11 years old.

Good to know: The stairs to the first floor are somewhat steep but there are handrails on either side of the stairs.

Everything is new and fresh. All areas are either completely new (shower rooms) or renovated before opening in July 2018.

På nedre botten finns en lounge och matsal där frukost och middag serveras. Om du är intresserad av att äta här på kvällen kan vi erbjuda förbokade middagar.

Om ni kommer sent och inte har bokat middag, kan vi alltid göra en smörgås eller omelett.

As we have our own restaurant, there are no kitchen facilities for guests nor is it possible to eat food from the outside in the rooms (take-out pizza, grilled chicken etc.).

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You can watch videos featuring the rooms here (Youtube)