Check-in & check-out

Check-in between 15.00-21.00. If you have not already paid for your room, it will be guaranteed until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you arrive later, you must warn us, otherwise we have the right to rent the room and still charge you. If you already know that you will arrive later than 6 p.m. when you book, please let us know this as soon as possible.

It is not possible to check-in prior to 3 p.m. unless arranged in advance.

Check-out is between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. If you wish, you can leave your luggage and pick it up after 3 p.m.


You may cancel without extra charge no later than 3 p.m. seven days before arrival. If you cancel later, you are required to pay the full cost of the stay.


No children under the age of 11 may stay overnight at Yaberg Affären.


Yaberg Affären is a non-smoking establishment. Do not throw cigarette butts or tobacco on the ground within the yard/garden nor outside the gates or on the parking, please!


Dogs are allowed on the patio only. Guide dogs may stay over night but this must be arranged prior to arrival. Please not that the stairs to the upper floor is can be too steep for some.


If you have food allergies (gluten, nuts, etc.) please let us know when booking your room.

Kvällsmåltider kan beställas vid bokning. Om ni kommer sent finns det alltid en möjlighet att få en smörgås.

Det är inte tillåtet att äta färdigmat (pizza etc.) på rummet.

Det är inte tillåtet att äta medhavd mat i restaurangen under dess öppettider.

Restaurants in the area open in the evening: There are pizzerias in Hyltebruk, Unnaryd, Vallsnäs Camping and Torup. There is a restaurant at Tiraholm, they serve freshwater fish only. Always check their websites for opening hours!

Restaurants in the area serving lunch: There are plenty of restaurants in Hylte serving lunch except during the summer months. Please check ahead or ask us what restaurants may be open during lunch hours.

Cafées: There are many seasonal cafées in the area. Some serve sandwiches and lighter meals. There are no cafés open on Sundays in Hyltebruk or Torup. Some close for summer vacations.


Serveras kl t.00-10.00. Frukost beställning tas på kvällen dagen innan.


Sker efter utcheckning, men går att beställa utan kostnad. Vi bäddar, tömmer paperskorgen och städar WC & duschar dagligen.


There are smoke alarms throughout the property. Please note the locations of fire exits and fire extinguishers ( there are two in the upper hallway and one by the front door).

If something were to break

If you break something or destroy anything, please let us know immediately. If the damage is due to your negligence, you may also have to pay for repair or compensation.