Breakfast served at the table

Freshly cooked mini pancakes with jam, scrambled eggs with Swedish mini sausages made just for you.

We take your order in the evening and in the morning, we serve your breakfast at the table. No walking back and forth to the breakfast buffet, there's not a waiting line at the toaster. Just relax and enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast just the way you want it. The fresh ingredients are organic and or grown locally, so before they start growing oranges in the Nordic region, we only have domestic juices such as apple and lingonberry.

If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know when booking your room.

Breakfast menu

Tea or coffee

Juices & Smoothies

Yoghurt with organic muesli

Porridge made with organic oats, made using water or milk

Sandwiches using bread from Bäckhästens stenungsbageri (just up the road from here)

Cooked breakfast:

Yuor choice of scrambled, fried, poached or cooked eggs
Swedish mini sausages, mushrooms etc.
Buttermilk mini pancakes with jam
Swedish cheesecake with jam and whipped cream (local specialty)

Toast with jams and marmelade

Fresh fruit

Changes may occur