Berit Daxell & Joanna Daxell Vivien
Since 2016, the owners of Yaberg Affären and founders of the guest accommodation business


When we started our business in Yaberg, I wanted to create something unique based on my experiences in the hospitality industry in Sweden and abroad and where you can eat, sleep and enjoy the forest and the lakes.My name is Joanna Daxell Vivien and along with my 85-year-old mother Berit, we run the Yaberg Affären. After a whole life in the hospitality industry, event planning and restaurant - either as full-time employment (which as a self-employed person often means 24/7) or alongside studies (from elementary school to research at doctoral level) I and my mother landed in Yaberg in the autumn of 2016. My mother and I, who also have a life in the hospitality industry behind her (among other things - she was a practicing naprapath when i was a child), we had been looking for two years for a small place that we could manage ourselves without having to rely on employees. Before arriving in Yaberg we had a country inn in a picturesque valley in Wales, near Snowdonia National Park. There came hikers to discover the Welsh nature, the food and the culture. We had 19 rooms, a pub and a fine dining restaurant. We did this with limited help - mainly during the summer season - from young people at home for the summer. For the rest of the year we were mostly three people who did everything, which resulted in far too little free time to enjoy life in an otherwise wonderful part of the world.

Citatet är från en hotellinspektör som var här i höstas

Since we came to Yaberg, we have created a quiet and special place, which often surprises visitors but reflects our experiences in Sweden and abroad. We often get the comment that it feels like coming into an English bed and breakfast. When it comes to service it is exactly what I aim for - personal service is the most important aspect to me. From the welcome at the door when the guest arrives - if I can't be at home to receive guests, I will close instead. Since I live in the property, I am never more than a minute away if a guest needs something. So it is something completely different from the average Swedish bed and breakfast, where you often get the key in a key cabinet and the breakfast is left in a refrigerator somewhere. Often you have to pay extra for breakfast, sheets and cleaning!

When we started our business in Yaberg, we wanted to create something unique based on our experiences and where you can eat, sleep and enjoy the forest and the lakes.

After starting out as a summer café with a British touch in the summer of 2017, we served eg. English "pork pies" - it was not the hit it had been in Wales - it was difficult to explain what a pork pie is, when virtually all food pies in Sweden are actually quiche. During the winter we started serving Afternoon Tea and in the spring we had our first interactive theater events, "Murder Mystery Afternoon Tea", with Philippe Vivien, Joanna's son, who is an event planner, actor and arranges storytelling workshops.

During the spring of 2018, we also renovated the upper floor. There we offer a unique accommodation with three double rooms. Since we have been running the business, which we started from nothing, for a while now, we can finally take the step fully and create our little oasis here in cultural-historical Yaberg in the middle of the forest. But after a life in the hospitality industry, we would rather be able to share our favorite place with potential guests

We hope that you will come visit for a while so we can share our wonderful little corner of Halland in Småland.

På fritiden, för nu har jag äntligen gett mig tid att kunna leva lite också, fotograferar jag – mina alster finns lite här och var i Yaberg Affären. Motiven är mest från skogarna runt Yaberg. Att kunna gå direkt ut i naturen, är ju den största förmånen man har när man bor så här. Med mig har jag oftast Linus, som är vår gårdshund, en Hovawart som har full koll på vad som händer i byn.  Jag virkar och tovar väskor m.m. till butiken och ägnar mig åt lite eventsplannering – i sommar gick de första Femsjödagarna av stapeln (Yaberg ligger i Femsjö socken) och Yaberg Affären fyllde 100 år. Inte fullt så seriöst som de internationella akademiska konferenser jag planerade under mina år i akademia i Kanada men iallafall roligare och mer kreativt. Men jag har fler projekt på gång. Alla delar av fastigheten är inte nyttjade till fullo ännu, men det får vänta till i höst när sommarsäsongen är över.  Kanske kan jag också komma igång med ännu ett projekt från ”the bucket list.”  Jag utbildade mig till litteraturvetare, dels för att jag älskar språk och berättande men ocså för jag själv ville ägna mig åt att skriva. Under de åren som jag arbetat på hotell har en idé till en roman vuxit fram. Det ska bli en roman om en kvinna som äger ett bed & breakfast – ”The Tripadvisor Murders.”  Vi får väl se.  Jag får nog lov att hitta en annan titel så jag inte blir stämnd av Tripadvisor.

Hope to see you soon in Yaberg!